About Kit Pharo

Kit Pharo, of Pharo Cattle Company (PCC), believes (and we would agree with him) that it is possible to produce, from moderate size cows, progeny that can be profitably fattened on grass or in a feedlot and provide replacement heifers which are fertile, low maintenance and easy fleshing on grass only. The objective is to add thickness and fleshing ability to smaller framed females.

It obviously takes less feed to maintain a moderate size cow than a big cow, and all things being equal, you can run more moderate size cows and therefore wean more calves/kilograms of beef using moderate cows than large cows.

Our belief is that as beef production inputs continue to rise in price, at a faster rate than the price of beef, the only way to increase profits is to eliminate entirely or reduce drastically the need for inputs other than grass.