Our Cattle Program

We are not going to continue in the direction that the vast majority of the Seed Stock industry is taking us which is towards larger, higher input cattle with reduced fertility and profitability.

Our cattle program can be summarised as follows:

1. Cattle traits – fertile, low input, medium frame, with fleshing ability bred in not fed in, structural soundness and solely grass raised.

  • Milk:  quality rather than quantity.
  • Easy fleshing: ability to maintain good body condition on grass (no feed replacements are permitted only mineral supplements).
  • Fertility: females must produce and wean a calf every year of desirable quality, from the age of two, or they are culled.
  • Ability to convert low quality grass into milk and meat.
  • Structurally sound: good feet, legs, udder and coat / hair.
  • Calving ease: no assistance can be given, any female requiring assistance at calving is culled, together with its calf.
  • Temperament:  all bad temperament animals are culled.
  • Longevity:  cows must have a long and productive life cycle.
  • Frame score: 2 to 5 (moderate size).
  • Cow mature weight: 450 – 550kg (moderate weight).

2.  Apply pressure on the breeding herd to force out non adapted and infertile animals.

3. Replacement heifers are developed on a grass only based diet with mineral supplementation.  Accordingly, only the most adapted heifers make it into the breeding herd.

4.  Mineral supplements are given to cattle but no grain supplements are fed to any animals.

5.  No breeding age females are treated for any parasites.

6.  To ensure high fertility a 42 day joining period is used.

7.  We aim to achieve a “balance” between the competing cattle traits.

8.  Optimum size/performance is much more profitable than maximum size performance.  All the performance extremes promoted by Seed Stock producers will be avoided.

9.  Calve according to your feed resource and in line with nature.

10.  Our plan is to continue to purchase PCC genetics into the future.

IMG_2940 (3)
Conquistador Calf

To achieve this program we will be using  PHARO CATTLE COMPANY (PCC) Angus Genetics developed solely on pasture.

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